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Variable direction of gravity during program

We have got an uncommon application with an UR. The robot is mounted on a rotating plate as you can see on the picture. In the first step the robot picks up his load. Then the plate rotates 90 degrees with the complete robot. There is no additional moving necessary during the rotation. I think the robot can go in some kind of sleep-mode while the brakes are locked. After the rotation the UR should continue his work placing the load on the predefined location.
Is the UR able to do this work? Is there any way to program this?

Hi… Jasolino I would say its possible, In my old job, we had a similar change of gravity vector not as extreme as the one you are showing, more like a 45deg change, which the robot (ur10 cb-series) handled without complaints.
I would suggest reading Universal Robots - 7th Axis Gravity Settings
I know its not completely what you are describing but it should show that it is possible to actively change the gravity.