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Using a Three-position Enabling Device with Freedrive

We have a UR5e configured with a SICK Nanoscan laser scanner, used as the safety device for a permanent test and development application in engineering. We are trying to use an Omron Three-Position Enabling Device to place the robot in manual / reduced mode for programming while also disabling the laser scanner when using the Freedrive, in order to teach points.

Standing in the laser scanner protected zone to use Freedrive to teach program waypoints seems like a common application for a Three-Position Enabling Device, but we do not see an obvious way to configure this using only the robot and laser scanner I/O and a 3PE. It does not look like there is a way to prevent the laser scanner from always causing a safe stop. Is the only option to add additional safety relays that actually by-pass the laser scanner safety I/O inputs into the robot when using a 3PE?

Hi dkates
Have you considered looking into the safeguard stop auto input?
By using the “safeguard stop auto” combined with a 3PE, you have a safeguard stop when it automatic mode, but when changing to manual you have a 3PE stop. This will enable you to “go around” the scanner’s stop signal as long as you correctly hold the 3PE.


Thanks. Will experiment with that.

If I am understanding the manual, the down side of this approach is that the laser scanner would only protect in Auto mode?
I was trying to provide protection to our engineers in manual mode and only disable the laser scanner during Freedrive, while using the 3PE.