Use of MoveIt2 Occupancy Map Updater with URe10

I am trying to use the Occupancy Map Updater plugin that MoveIt2 offers. I am using ROS2 humble on Ubuntu 22.04.

I implemented this via the demo launch file (“” in “ur_moveit_config” package) by defining the octomap config and octomap updater config (sensor3d.yaml). Then passed them as parameters to the move_group node. In addition, I launch a static broadcaster for a tf2 between the camera and the base_link.

This worked perfectly with the panda robot on rviz. However, it doesn’t show an the octomap for the universal robot.

The \monitored_planning_scene topic is responsible for visualizing the octomap on rviz. However it comes up empty when echoed in the terminal. The same goes for the \filtered_cloud topic.

What could be causing this and how could I fix it?