URScript writing strategy

This URCap sample is contributing with a static script file without any Java logic.

In this case there is no ProgramNode contribution. But an approach where the InstallationNode scriptWriter is contributing with the definition of the script functions. And the ProgramNode scriptWriter is “just” writing the function call. If the installation contain some configuration it can assign some URScript variables for that purpose.
A strategy like this have several benefits:

  • Clear responsibility between Java developer and URScript developer
  • The functionality of the URCap can easily be used in a remote setup. Where the robot is controlled externally. The external controller just needs the URScript file
  • Fast deploy - debug - fix cycle for the URScrip, since Polyscope does need to restart
  • Regression testing can be splittet in Java and URScript(GitHub - Hirebotics/urscript-tools can be used for this)
  • Easier readable URScript code(URScript - Visual Studio Marketplace is a powerfull tool for this)

I hope you will share your ideas about this topic!