URCap Sample: Communication example with a webservice

Description of functionality:
URCap connects via daemon to a webserver and transfers data via POST.
In settings the user can define the webserver, an api-key and add various endpoints of the api running on it. In the program node the user can select an endpoint and a variable.

In the example a simple php script accepts the incoming data and writes the value (json) to a log-file. In this case the api-key will be transfern but is not considered.
The URCap is a starting point.

We used the functionality with a RESTful api and stored production states and log valus in a database. Different devices could connect and consume information about the development, production, etc
our environment: Apache/MySQL/PHP

Note for testing:
Simulator e-Series and real robot it is wotking fine

Simulator CB 3.11 Python-Error:
An error <urlopen error [Errno -2] Name or service not known>
On a real robot we hab no problems.

on github

URCaps SDK 1.8.0