UR5e Could not get fresh data package from robot

Hi. I’m new to ROS and UR and I want to use a PC to control our UR5e.

I follow the guide on Universal_Robots_ROS_Driver and when launching the ur5e_bringup.launch there are scrolling errors ‘Could not get fresh data package from robot’ in the terminal. If I start the external_control on ur pendant, there will show up a message telling ‘Ready to receive control commands’, but still reporting same errors.

Seems that there’s no error on the UR5e pendant.

Host PC Win11 with Ubuntu18.04 and ROS Melodic installed on Virtualbox
Using a cable to connect my PC and UR5e
In Virtualbox adapter bridged on Host PC’s ethernet adapter (which is connected with UR5e through a cable)

Really appreciate your help!!
Thank you

is the UR controller in local or remote mode?

Hi @filoucs , Do you mean the setting on the top-right of pendant? If yes that is in the local mode. If I switch to remote, I couldn’t start the external_control program, and the PC couldn’t get connected

Okay I finally solved the problem by using Ubuntu on host pc rather than using virtualbox VM…

Seems that virtual machines do influence the communication quality sometimes.

Thank you