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UR5e and UR10e absolute and incremental encoder resolution


What is the absolute and incremental encoder resolution of UR5e and UR10e robots (in terms of number of ticks)?
I searched everywhere but I could not find this information.


I doubt this is publicly available information. :slight_smile:
Also, the pair of encoders work in conjuction with each other to raise the precision of the robot while remaining an absolute position, as far as I know. So knowing the ticks of each encoder should not be of much use.

What would you need it for?

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From some past research it seems that they use these magnetic encoders from Renishaw AksIM™ supports Universal Robots for smart factory automation

Now for what exact model of the line, or if they have some off-catalogue units… but that should give you a good baseline for the encoder’s capabilities.

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Many thanks, this already helps a lot!