UR10e RTDE with LabVIEW

Hello everyone,
is it possible to use the RTDE protocol to read / write the values ​​of the variables sent by the robot by implementing the RTDE in LabVIEW? Has anyone tried this implementation?

Thanks for your help.

Have look at this product :


yes it is possible to use LabVIEW and RTDE: The Universal Robots Real-Time Data Exchange (RTDE) and LabVIEW

VI`s can be found in the NI Forum (https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Connect-LabVIEW-and-Universal-Robots-via-RTDE-real-time-data/td-p/3938575/highlight/false/page/2?profile.language=en)

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I’ve just tested in a UR10e V5.11.5 and LV2020 it works really well, easy to understand thanks a lot


How can I solve?


Just select the control, right click and select Disconnect from typedef


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well, thanx, and sorry, this must have happened by accident. will update as soon as i am able to fix that issue.

No problem, thanks :grinning: