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UR scrip code used in FT300

Can anyone explain me these script code
(get_applied tcp wrench(2)>25).
I saw this code in (New FT 300 feature)

thanks in advance

The Robotiq Force Copilot URCap starts a thread that calculates the sensor forces expressed in the TCP frame.
Suppose that the sensor reads the wrench [Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz], the force applied by the robot in X axis is -1 * Fx.
So the get_applied_tcp_wrench(index) is just a convenient function to return the inverse of sensor forces, so the applied forces.

The line Wait get_applied_tcp_wrench(2) > 25 is waiting for applied force Fz to be greater than 25N
The line Wait get_applied_tcp_wrench(4) > 0.1 is waiting for applied torque My to be greater than 0.1Nm

Does it help ?


get_applied_tcp_wrench() was the name of the function in the Beta version, the renamed function is get_applied_tcp_force()