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Ur 5 robot e stop

Hi i’m using a ur5 robot with a powermax65 to cut steel. I’ve been creating my ur script on Inventor 2022 but i noticed when you running the robot cutting material the estop doesn’t work and when i stop my burns mid way the plasma cutter still doesn’t stop is there something i’m doing wrong or does anyone have any advice? Also does anyone know what units of measurements these numbers are in the ur script?


If the estop is not working, you need to stop using the robot until you repair it. An estop should always work.

  1. If you mean you are pressing the estop on the UR Teach Pendant and it is not stopping the robot, you probably need to repair or replace the teach pendant.
  2. If you have an external estop, see the UR user manual to make sure the estop wiring is connected properly and if the estop is attached to a configurable input pair, make sure the inputs are configured for estop.