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UpTime data over modbus


UR controller exposes UpTime over Modbus on register address range 2048-2053.

2049 - milliseconds
2050 - seconds
2051 - minutes
2052 - hours
2053 - days

Does the data available on the above-mentioned registers represent the total uptime duration since it is installed? or is it duration since last powered on?

Hi @gomathisankar,

I don’ think these registers are in use, and that’s why they’ve been removed from the main Modbus page on the support site (they should have also been removed from the attachment at the bottom of the page).

You could try using the timestamp from the RTDE instead?

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Thanks for the information.

Is it possible to get the total UpTime (time shown on the RUN tab and in log files) over RTDE, MODBUS or any other way? If not are you planning to implement it? I’m asking because one of our customers has set maintenance intervals for robots and wants to have a application which will show robots which are planned for maintenance based on total UpTime.
I think that might be useful also for other users.

Timestamp is not sufficient, because it is reset every time the robot is powered off.

As far as I know, Modbus interface does not provide the upTime information. If I am wrong, please correct me.

RTDE interface does provide.