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Timer does not reset

Hello everyone,

I have an ordinary timer in my UR program that occationally does not reset, even tho I use “Timer1_: Stop” and “Timer_1: Reset” in the code. It only happens sometimes, and I can’t figure why it fails to reset. Any suggestions?


I have one stupid suggestion… I am struggling to get Set Nodes to update the payload. Adding a wait command of 0.21 seconds or more fixes the problem, which tells me the command is getting skipped, It needs a fraction of a second for the command to register. Might be worth a try.

I have added some 0.01 second waits, but I will try to make them a bit longer!


Do you happen to have your stop and reset commands inside of a continuously checked If statement?

The condition for the continuously checked If statement could be no longer met, so the code inside of it is aborted, and you may not be reaching the point where your stop and reset commands are located.


This might have been the case. It seems to work now anyway, I added a few extra resets in the code just to be sure.

Thanks for the help!