Restarting the main program from a subprogram that is stoped at a wait statement

My application has time constraints which if exceeded the program needs to abort and reset. Currently if the program hits a wait for digital input from with in a subprogram that will not be made in time, it can not be remotely reset. I have tried using the UR27 stop and start commands to restart the main program but it restarts the subprogram. I have also tried using the “Check Expression Continuously” for the if statement from the main program and its still hangs in the subprogram. I haven’t found a solution in the script commands. Am I missing something that can force a restart of the program other than a reboot?

Are you able to show your program and program structure, if statement etc? It’s hard to grasp what you have going on without seeing your program

In the subprogram below when the program reaches line 109 and robot 2 faults, robot 1 will not receive Area2Control high signal. If the main program resets, this variable will be reset and the operators can proceed.


Can you show me your full program? You can message it to me if it’s not something you want to post publicly but just seeing 4 lines isn’t much to go on. Some of the stuff you are doing I would probably do a different way involving threads and/or events along with variables or possibly custom scripting. Im also trying to wrap my head around how you have the two robots communicating etc. there could be issues going on with that