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Start robot from anywhere in the program

I want to start the robot from anywhere in the program. For example, when I have three waypoints I want to start from the second waypoint. I read a topic with the same question and the solution should be to install Polyscope version 5.5. But this is only availeble for the e-series. In the pictures below I show or version.

Short of putting all your code in different folders to make suppressing sections of code easier, theres nothing you can do to implement this functionality. I’m afraid that it was functionality only implemented on the e-series.

Thanks for your comment. It’s very sad that this option is not possible for this version.

What if you use an installation variable? It keeps its value after power cycles. You set it to the waypoint number you want to start with. Then, at program start, you do a if-then-else check to see which is selected and go there…

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Thanks, I will try this as a solution. It’s more work, but we don’t have any other options.