Singular movement generating an error

I am currently programming a UR3e, which sometimes goes into safety failure when starting a program.
Here is what happens:

  1. It finishes the last program smoothly returning to the start position (movej only using the joint angles).
  2. 6 seconds elapses since it finishes, loads the next program and it starts it.
  3. In the next program the first movement is going back to the start position (movej only using the joint angles, the movement is slow, with speed 20 deg/s and acceleration 10 deg/s^2). This motion is only meant to have a smooth transition between programs.

This generates no error on manual mode. However, in remote control, sometimes some of the joints make an abrupt movement out of nowhere and the robot goes into fault mode.
Then, the Log tab displays the following errors:

I have looked up the log file on UR Viewer and there is a peak on both speed and acceleration for some joints, even though the desired speed/acceleration are both 0.
This screenshot shows multiple joint-graph windows together and where the peaks are: