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Self Re-Teach of positions

Hello all,

I have successfully created a great pick and place, depalletizing, program for loading gears unto a conveyor. The parts are in wire baskets with 12 parts in each basket, the gripper design allows for picking up the gears and then moving the baskets. I am using the layers function to then pick and drop off the basket. All this is very successful after much time has been put into learning and trouble shooting.

Currently I am working on addressing failure modes, one being if the robot crashes it then loses its position and I have to reteach the bottom layer and all other way point positions.

question: if the robot crashes and loses these positions, is there a way to create a program that maybe uses the seek function to have the gripper go to a designated area and basically seat itself into a fixture and then use this as a datum, thus making any offsets that may be needed that would adjust all of the prior movements. basically can i have it reteach itself after a crash without manually doing this?

UR robots have true absolute encoders. Post crash, the robot knows exactly where it is unless something has physically moved the pallet relative to the robot.

In the pallet command, you can select a Feature. If you redefine the Feature, the pallet sequence will follow the movement of the Feature.

Well that’s great news! but if that is the case why have a product?

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