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RPC Error: Did not finish before completing

I’m doing a very basic RPC calls to a python node which performs a socket communication with a third party vision system.
The communication seems to be working well, all values are being received properly, however I m facing a strange RPC: Did not finish before completing error on returning result back to the URsim:

Relevant sources and RPS Error are shown in the figures

Any ideas what might help?

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Hi @durovsky,

Afraid this is not an error I’ve seen before… and it’s not the most informative :slight_smile:

Have you tried cutting down your get_result() function in Python to test if it still occurs?

I have managed to solve it finally. The problem was on the Python side, struct.unpack returns a tuple so it needs to be indexed before returning to the URSide as a pose dictionary.

Wrong: target = [x_pos, y_pos, z_pos, x_rot, y_rot, z_rot]
Correct: target = [x_pos[0], y_pos[0], z_pos[0], x_rot[0], y_rot[2], z_rot[0]]

But exactly as you said, this error message is not very informative


Ah ok, glad you found the issue. We have reported an issue internally concerning lack of documentation for our XMLRPC client.