Ros2 controller failed


I have a problem with the controller.

My setup:
i use ros version galactic with the main brunch.
i use ur5 cb3.

All installation (driver for roboter and moveit) are done.

i start the driver "ros2 launch ur_bringup ur_type:=ur5 robot_ip:=xxx use_fake_hardware:=false launch_rviz:=false

at this step no problem, but only one error. i dont use calibration, but i dint think, its important for the beginning.

second step, i launch: ros2 launch ur_bringup ur_type:=ur5 robot_ip:=xxx use_fake_hardware:=false laucnh_rviz:=true

at this step no errors.

Last step, i move robot in rviz a little bit and then plan (no problem, no errors) and execute.
By execution moveit shell says: action client not connected to action server: joint_trajectory_controller/follow_joint_trajectory;
Failed to send trajectory part 1 of 1 to controller joint_trajectory_controller;

May be my Controller.yaml is not correct? or i forget something?

by the way, after controller failed, first shell with driver become also fail: Unable to read from harfware…

thank you for helping !

This seems to be related (if not a duplicate) to Galactic: Controller example Can't activate controller 'scaled_joint_trajectory_controller' · Issue #301 · UniversalRobots/Universal_Robots_ROS2_Driver · GitHub

Did you get any solution for this problem. I am also getting the same problem.

Thank you