Robot stops between MoveJ

Greetings URCommunity,
I have three MoveJ in a row and the robot stops in between them even though I have an union radius of 10 mm. I notice this only happens to movej whereas with movep there is a connection of the points. Is there any way I can overcome this?
Thanks in advance

Hello Pedro,

A 10mm radius is very small, and you might not notice it, if you’re running at standard speeds. :slight_smile:

The reason you’re seeing the MoveP radius is because the robot will strive to keep its TCP speed around the “corners”, which also can be bad for the robot in the long run, if you’re not moving a slow speeds.
The robot will slow down when getting to a small radius (10mm) to spare the joints and prolong its lifetime, when you’re using a MoveJ/MoveL.

Thanks for the reply. I have also uses radius of around 25-100 mm radius and there is still a mild stop.
I’ll see what I can do.

A radius of 100 mm is already sufficient to smooth the motion. I appreciate your reply. Thank you very much