Robot State through DO or CO


I know we can get Robot State through Dashboard server, EthernetI/P etc
However our customer wants to apply robot state to each bit(e.g. DO0…power off, DO1…power on, DO2…Idle…) to connect lamps to know the status. (They dont want to use PC, PLC etc)

are there any way to do this?

Creating URcaps can do this?


With a URCap you could decode the RTDE or the robot state from the Primary/Secondary client. Then you could set DO’s.
But maybe there is an easier way to do that without an extra URCap.

Setup a modbus as a loopback address and read the register word 258 (robot status)

This will give you a register with the values 1-7 for the data requested.

{ This even works in simulator, if you want to test it }

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