Robot connection to sinumerik

hello . tell me if it is possible to connect the robot UR10e to work with a lathe directly without using additional devices. if possible, attach some kind of diagram to the message. If not possible then tell me the easiest way to connect. machine sinumerik 840

Haven’t read the manual just looked up the device and it’s a Siemens. I believe there have been some posts on the forum about connecting Siemens PLCs and other devices to the UR.

You might be able to tether it via LAN and connect using TCP/Ethernet IP or Modbus to get/set signals for the lathe and robot such as “job complete/open door/open chuck/close chuck/etc…) but you’d have to do some setup in the lathe and robot.

There’s a great tutorial here URacademy eLearning - free online training check out the final module this specifically walks you through setting up machine tending with a lathe. Note: This tutorial uses signal wires not TCP/Ethernet IP communication protocol

Anyways someone else in the community may have more information for you but hope this helps and best of luck!

anyway thanks for your reply. in online training, I saw the connection through digital input and output. but I’m not sure that this can be done directly to the PLC of the machine (I would not want something to burn out) I asked the forum for this

Good day, gentlemen . re-read a lot of literature, looked at all the lessons but did not find a way to correctly connect the robot to the machine Sinumerik840d, I managed to connect via M91, but I would like to connect the robot as shown in the lesson (a specific input and output was responsible for its action).please tell me which direction to go. to use a minimum of additional devices. at the moment I have UR10e and machine tool Doosan TT1800SY with NCU 720.3 PN