Retract after force > 2N

I am trying to cut a part at a certain distance after it hits the blade. I switched from Until contact to Until expression so that I can adjust the amount of force. The Until contact was pulling too hard on the small part that it bent it. I am using an Until expression where it stops at 2 Newtons. Is there a way to add a retract after the Until expression force() >2? I want it to retract exactly 2.5mm from the stop position, then cut. Or can I set the current stop position as a waypoint, then add another waypoint where its 2.5mm away?

There are probably a few different ways to achieve what you want to do:

  1. You could use another move-direction and use “distance” (just have to worry about using base or tool frame to move in the correct direction, up and away vs further into the part)
  2. You could add a relative waypoint and use it to move diagonal or however you want up and away from the part.

These are the two that come to mind, having not seen your code there might be other ways, anyways hope this helps and best of luck!

You can use add an action using the ‘Add Action’ button on the bottom of your screen. Within that just but a direction node with a movement in the tool coordinate system -2.5mm.

I added another direction in the X- axis with a distance and it seems to work just fine. Thank you!