Release of PolyScope 5.12 with PROFIsafe

Dear valued UR community,

We are delighted to announce, that we have now released PolyScope 5.12.
You can find the complete release notes here: Release Notes PolyScope 5.12

PolyScope 5.12 introduce support for PROFIsafe for all e-Series robots.
Building a comprehensive automation solution is always a challenge, but with PROFIsafe for e-Series, factory line integrations will be simpler than before. PROFIsafe for e-Series will come as a native integration in PolyScope, allowing failsafe exchange of the cobots’ safety I/O such as Emergency Stop, Reduced Mode, and Safe Home to a PLC. This allows customers, wanting to integrate our robots into factory lines, to skip the numerous wires and additional PLC IO Modules for safety-related exchange to the line control. It will be a great step forward in advancing easy integration to more complex systems, and we are thrilled by the interest this functionality has had within our medium to large customer base.
PROFIsafe for e-Series will be an optional feature available on all e-Series robots updated to PolyScope 5.12 and above. Customers must acquire a license for PROFIsafe, which is activated in their myUR Account, and loaded onto the robot to activate the failsafe communication to a PLC. The license is activated perpetually on a per-robot basis, and pricing can be obtained from your distributor.

Please note that PolyScope 5.12 will also be part of our Long-Term Support strategy, detailed here:

Updates to the safety system due to PROFIsafe means that new safety configurations, created or updated with PolyScope 5.12, will have a new 8-char Safety CRC format. The new CRC will have 8 characters instead of 4 - see image below.
This change does not affect installations from previous PolyScope versions. After loading an old installation, the Safety Checksum will still be shown using the previous four character format. The new checksum format is only used for new installations or after applying changes to the safety configuration of an old installation.

The release also contains a number of bugfixes. Check the full release notes to see if your issue is on the list.

We hope that you will enjoy the new features of PolyScope 5.12!

Best wishes,
Jacob Bom Madsen
Product Management


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