PolyScope 6.0 beta is LIVE!

It’s time!
A major leap forward for PolyScope is at our doorstep.

We announced PolyScope 6 back in November, and shed more light on the URCap-related changes in February.
Now OPEN BETA for PolyScope 6 is live and available at our Early Access platform.

You are invited to join our open beta program to get a grasp on the new features, and provide feedback to our development teams.
The key theme is ROBUSTNESS, with a major upgrade to our software platform, OS, and URCaps infrastructure.

All existing URCaps must be converted to run on PolyScope 6 - for developers our migration guide will lead the way forward.
PolyScope 6 also includes several powerful features enabling even more flexible and resilient applications, such as kinematic Feature trees, struct data types, high holding-torque mode, strengthened cybersecurity, improvements to the Modbus client, and support for external part positioners. You can find the release notes, URSim, and robot images in our Early Access platform.
We even have a few more features up our sleeve, that will become available in the beta in the coming time. So sign up to stay in the loop.

UR20 robots will support PolyScope 6 exclusively, and PolyScope 6 will roll out across the full e-Series line later this year too.
So get a head start, and try the latest features in PolyScope 6, enabling you to create even better automation solutions in the future.

JOIN PolyScope 6.0 OPEN BETA

Best regards,
Jacob Bom Madsen
Product Management