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Read Digital Input from URCap


I would like to read the state of a digital input inside my urcap. I connected to the Secondary Client interface and tried to read the digital input bits, but somehow these (always zero) don’t seem to reflect the state if the digital inputs as shown inside the tablets I/O tab. What am I doing wrong?

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You can use RTDE Port to get DIO State in 125HZ.

mh, yeah, thats what i feared :wink: yet another communication/synchronization overhead

Any idea why the data in the secondary interface Motherboarddata does not reflect the digital input states?

RTDE is way to read almost all data from robot in 125HZ , UR also prefer RTDE to use in that case. Sorry I don’t about secondary interface.

There are also URScript functions to get the state of digital/analog I/O if you look in the Script manual (Module 16: interfaces).