Radial step and repeat

I manufacture very large industrial saw blades for cutting streets. I weld the teeth on. I have been searching for step and repeat functions in the forum and am finding some. However I am not finding how using feature planes and poises how you can take a weld path, move it and rotate it. The rotate part is what is evading me. I will have to step, repeat with a rotate 32 times around the rim of the blade. We can do it manually in a couple of hours. But each time I introduce a new product I fantasize about using some form of CAM to do it instead. I think feature planes can do it but we are new to UR. We can do it with a fanuc robot or on any of our CNC milling machines. I have not yet learned how to teach the UR to eat G code.

Take a look at this support article: Universal Robots - Remote TCP & Toolpath URCap FAQ
Toolpath urcap is available on E-Series only