Protective Stop

Hi, I have integrated Siemens PLC with CB3 UR5 bot by Profinet communication protocol. Now , If UR bot hit to any object during its running condition, it should change the TAG value of PS(Protective stop) to true in PLC.
Now, If we move the robot manually and at that time if robot hit to any abject the TAG value of PS (protective stop ) changes from False to True as it should be. But if the robot is in auto mode and at that time if robot hit any abject it is not changing the TAG value .


Pls provide me your suggestion or solution.


Have you tried putting the robot in Remote Mode instead of Auto Mode? Remote Mode allows remote control of the robot (i.e. controlling the robot from a PLC).
It’s weird that it works when moving the robot manually and not when running a program, though (if I understood you correctly).

You can enable Remote Mode in the settings in the upper right corner. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response but as i mentioned I am using CB3 , it does not have Remote Mode.

Ah, that’s my bad. I got confused by you saying “auto mode”. :slight_smile:

Then I don’t know what you can do. It’s worked for me in the past.
Maybe it’s a bug in the software somewhere. If you’ve got time, a reinstallation of PolyScope could fix it (new image), but no guarantees.