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Problem with Dashboard Server always connected

Hey guys, i have an application which integrates with a PC, and am using the modbus registers for statuses. I also have an engineering screen that utilizes the dashboard servers to also do things. My question is does anyone know if having the dashboard server always connected may do weird things with modbus also connected? just dont want to send this machine to my customer and have it doing wierd things later on and have to redesign code. If anyone has experience with this let me know your opinions, thanks.

@agay I have an application that is utilizing the Dashboard Server, TCP Sockets, and I also have Ethernet IP Scanner enabled which is used by a Rockwell PLC to monitor the TCP for equipment safety purposes.

I am not using Modbus but even with multiple client interfaces running the robot performs without issue. Each client interface should use a unique port.

I am also using a MOXA SDS-3008 Layer 2 Smart Switch to connect up all of my networked devices. It has been very reliable.