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Possibilities of text on screen / popups

I know how to send text to the log from RTDE, but I would like to create a popup screen that shows messages in much bigger text than the log.

Right now I work with the RTDE-interface and would like to stay there as long as possible, so are there any possibilities?

Another way would be to write text to a file from my rtde-loop. Then create a “normal Tkinter gui loop” that reads text from this file and show it on the display. Is this possible?

Would I mess up polyscope?

Both this loops I’m planning to start with Crontab and “@reboot…” if it works.

Never mind, I figured it out myself by using the dashboard server (it also worked with the primary client interface)…
The only thing I can’t do is to add a picture to the popup. Is this possible?
I will still give it a try later on in my development with trying to encode an image file with base64 (or 32)

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The various popup options using respectively Dashboard or URScript (i.e. via client interfaces) does only support text-based popup.