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Pick and Place Application With Variable Place Points


I am looking to create a pick and place application with a UR10e. The robot is going to pick from the same location every time and go through same motion except for the placing. I want to drop my small objects into a bin at different locations(50+).
Refer to this video: Cobot Application 4 ā€“ UR10e, Easy Robotics' ProFeeder, Airvise, Martin Trunnion, and Haas VF2SS - YouTube.
*Note for my application, it is even more simple as the pick location is the same. It goes something like:

Activate Gripper
Waypoint 1 (Start Position)
Waypoint 2 (Fixed Pick Position)
Close Gripper
Waypoint 3 (Fixed Position)
Waypoint 4 (Variable Position, Object inside bin)
Open Gripper
Waypoint 5 (Fixed Position)

Only way I can think of programming it right now is just repeating these commands for every different place location.
Is there a way to program it using the teach pendant where I can have it in a loop where waypoint 4 changes each iteration. This would simplify the program by reducing it from hundreds of lines to maybe 50. Or is this application more suited for developing a script or program from a source other than the teach pendant.


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Hi Tsho.

Iā€™m no expert, but I think you want to use the Palletizing wizard. I found this video on Youtube from Cross automation that may be of help, but maybe someone else will chime in with a better answer.

Hi Taho,

Rob is correct that palletizing is one way to accomplish what you are attempting. There is a learning module in the UR Academy that you can peruse to help figure this out. Here is a link (I believe you will have to register though to access it) :

Here is a link to the top level entry point for this module :
e-Series Application Track

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