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Pay load is always measured to zero, in payload estimation

When I am trying to measure payload in the measure / payload estimation is it always calculating it to 0.
It have been working before.
If I put it in manually, is the robot working as It should.
My guess is where is something with the load cell.
Other people where have trouble like this ?
Best regards Ulrik

There have been some cases of a failed force torque (F/T) sensor on e-series. It sounds like this might be one of them. There is also a fix in 5.11.5 that addresses F/T sensor drift. I would update to the latest version and if that does not help then contact your distributor and see about getting this repaired. Typically the entire arm will need to be sent in to UR service to repair this as some calibration of the F/T sensor needs to be done and this cannot be done in the field yet.

I have updated to 5.11.6 so I will contact aver distributer.
Have a good day.

In the meantime, you can just put in values that you think are appropriate for payload and CoG. If the F/T sensor is not working properly it will not affect safety. It will only affect force readings that you might use for application specific work and force mode itself.

It is what I am doing in the moment, we are using it so cannot change it in the moment.
Have a good day, and thanks for the advice.
Best regards Ulrik