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Passing Information from Installation Node to Program Node

Is there any way for me to pass information from the installation node to the program node? For example, if I wanted to save a specified value in the Installation node and then be able to access/have my program node vary based on that installation value, is there any way to accomplish this?

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The HelloWorld example demonstrates how to get an Installation node, and call public methods within this class.

In the HelloWorldProgramNodeContribution check out this part:

private HelloWorldInstallationNodeContribution getInstallation() {
	return api.getInstallationNode(HelloWorldInstallationNodeContribution.class);

This is put into action in this case in the isDefined() method of the program node, in this way:


But in short, you could just do this:

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Thank you for the exceptionally fast reply on this question, very much appreciated!


Can the same be applied to passing information between different programnodes?

No - generally not between singular instances of program nodes in a program tree.
However you can from a parent node access and interface with child program nodes, if they provide you with a supported API. E.g. built-in nodes such as Waypoints or Set commands provide an API for you to configure them. If you need to do the same with your URCap-child nodes they need to implement a custom URCap API, as described in the “program_node_configuration” document section “URCap Program Node proprietary API”.