Need help to use Position Joint Trajectory Controller


I am new to the ros driver and have only used test_move to control the robot. I have a 6 DOF joystick that publishes each of the joints’ angles in c++. I eventually want these joint angles to be used to control the joint angles of the UR. Obviously, I will have to do all of the calculations to correctly calibrate and translate these angles myself, I dont expect help with this part. I am assuming that the best controller to use is the scaled_pos_joint_traj_controller or the pos_joint_traj_controller. I’ve been looking around but having a hard time finding a beginner’s tutorial to use these. Most of the information I’m finding I don’t understand how to follow them. Even if I can just start by manually inputting the angles myself at least would be helpful. I’m not sure where to start or what to edit to achieve this. I’m sure this has already been answered somewhere I just need help to find those sites or articles.