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Moment of Inertia for Newton-Euler Dynamic

Hi, I’m currently working on the calculation of recursive Newton-Euler dynamic to estimate the force response of UR10 manipulator.
I need to know the moment of inertia information of each link in order to calculate Newton-Euler.

I’ve already find the discussion below, but I cannot find the file mentioned in this draft.

Can anyone give me some instruction on how to obtain the moment of inertia?


urcontrol.conf.zip (3.6 KB)
Hi @pme0918087420

Welcome to the UR community! I have attached the configuration files.

Best Regards

Sorry for bothering, I might be new to the system. May I ask about how can I open this file? Thanks

You can use Notepad++

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No need for apologies @pme0918087420

It’s regular text files, so you can just open them in your preferred text editor, e.g. Notepad++, Sublime Text etc.

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