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Modbus communication to Festo CMMT

Good morning,

For me its the first time I´m working with a Robot. From the Robot I have to operate a Festo Stepmotor. The Festo Motor is connected to the Robot via Modbus. I added the CMMT as a Modbus device. On Festo the Telegram 111 is selected.
How do I communicate with that device? Is there any example, or a guidline on how to create the Read/Write interface?
As mentioned I´m completely new to this. To operate the Stepmotor at a PLC (which we are not using here) is super simple , but I don´t undertand how the Robot-Festo Modbus communication has to implemented at the UR.

I checked the manual “Modbus Register and Digital I/O -19252” and the “Using the Modbus TCP Client Interface of the UR Robot” but I´m not getting it.

I´m thankful for any support.
Thank you!

Greetings from Luxemburg.