Modbus Client Fucntion 16


Implement modbus function code 16 for modbus client

What is it?

Implement modbus function code 16 for modbus client. Many devices require writing multiple registers.

Why is it needed?

Communication with some modbus slave devices do not implement modbus function 6. Function 16 can also be WAY more efficient, especially for background script functions when setting many registers is required.

Less lines of URScript, less network traffic. Thats reason enough to implement it.

Personally, offering function 16 in Installation area GUI modbus client is not required. URscript implementation would be fine.

it could look like this:

modbus_write_multiple_registers(signal_name, starting_register, [register_1_data, register_2_data, register_3_data...register_n_data])

Example: write 100 to register 500, 200 to register 501, and 300 to register 502:


Have you received a response to this or do you know if this is currently being worked on?

I asked fot this 2 years ago.
I didn’t get any resopnse.
Fingers crossed they add it to Polyscope 6

That would be great, but i am afraid not if they don’t response to any of these topics.