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Limit for socker_read_string()?

Hi there!

I am writing a URScript program for a SW3.0 controller, and need to send string messages via TCP. I can successfully use socket_read_string() to get them, but I cannot figure out a way to mark the string as finished, and read a new one. I see that starting SW3.1there are prefix and suffix options, but I need something that works in 3.0.

Is there any control character I can use to stop the string reader and move on to the next instruction?



You can update a hardware CB3.0 controller (the one with the flash card if you open the CB) all the way up to the latest PolyScope software (in steps 3.0 -> 3.1 -> 3.2 -> …).
So if you have no particular reason for running such an old software, I suggest updating the SW to get all the latest features, including the socket suffix and prefix options.

Thanks @jbm. This is not an option, as the robot is not mine, I don’t want to be responsible for problems that may arise from an upgrade, and I would like to create a general solution that is compatible with as many versions as possible, including 3.0.

I guess you are saying there is no way to read a controlled amount of bytes from a socket buffer and turn it into a string in SW3.0?