Light curtain and Limited switches for UR10e

Hello UR society.

So, in my current project I have to do following:
Set the light curtain near UR10e which works the same way as safeguard button. So, if something go through light curtain, robot will be stopped. In parallel, I have to install limited switch(es) which will activate parallel circuit of light curtain. Thus, if light curtain is interrupted, robot will not get paused as circuit is still closed from limited switch side.
I know that just simple circuit will cause malfunction of either light curtain or robot itself. I also know that I need safety relays in this schematic.

Can you please recommend me which type of safety relay will be appropriate for this circuit and where does it take space in the abovementioned schematics?

Thanks in advance,

is this some sort of muting switch operation? if so, more LC have inputs for that directly