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Is there a way to get the current energy consumption?

We are planning to use a UR3 in a mobile application and would like to get the current energy consumption. Is there a way to get this value? (or even an information on consumption of controller box and the arm itself?)

Various voltage and current information is available through the RTDE:


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perfect. Missed that somehow.

When looking into the energy consumption of a UR5 robot, we found things in the RTDE data that I just do not understand: “actual_current” (actual joint current, 48V DC) values seem implausibly high. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that their sum should more-or-less match the “actual_robot_current” (48V DC again), but in reality, it is 6-8 times higher. It is also higher than what would follow from the power measured on the AC supply. The robot current itself is consistent with our external measurements. Am I misunderstanding something? Does anyone know the reason?