Universal Robots+

Indicator skipps first child

Hello everyone,

I’ve made an URCap which includes some Switch-Cases. To give the user some feedback i seperated the cases into child nodes.
When I start the program, the indicator arrow goes through the childs and executes all steps. So far so good.
But when the program starts the second cycle (and every next cycle) the indicator arrow skipps the first child.
The code of the first child is executed but the arrow stucks at the last child.
After the first child is executed and the program goes to the second one the arrow works like it should.

I also tried to implement a subchild into the first child with a move node. This way the arrow goes to the move node so the indicator is correct. If the move action is in the script of this child (bevor or after the case start), the arrow stucks at the last child like described.

The childs includes just the script for the cases with append line so there is no different between e.g. child one and two.

The most confusing thing is that the first case is executed, just the indicator arrow doesn’t work.

Maybe some of you know the problem.