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Incorporate a finished java program in ProgramNodeContribution

We are building our first URCap program and we don’t want to spend too much time going down the wrong road.

The closest existing URCap might be for the RG2 gripper ( ours is not for a gripper). We built a java program that needs a single string as the user input, so the @ input is fairly straight forward.

Is it possible to take our existing program and call it similar to calling a class from within a single java package but this would be from within the ProgramNodeContribution. Our program contains a “main” method and incorporates drivers and imported java classes along with a jar file which is added to the existing library of our project. After going through the tutorial, and reading the samples, this approach makes sense to me but then I am not a software engineer…
Thanks in advance for any guidance you might have.
Jerry Stokely