How to use IO Handler when UR not in RUN Mode

How to activate the function for digital IO in URCap from Installation node?
For eg,

  1. To activate the buzzer beep (1 sec pulse 50% duty cycle) via digital Out DO1 when emergency push button is pressed.
  2. to send a pulse to tool port digital out0 when standard digital DO0 turn ON or button on installation screen is pressed

The only way I’ve been able to monitor IO without running is by using the IO handler (like you’re mentioning) but in a Java thread. I usually launch these from the Activator, since it is only run once. In that thread you can set your functions to monitor the inputs and drive outputs.

Great, Thanks for the information. this is what I am expecting.
I am new for this. Do you have sample program to link the IO handler to activator?

In the Activator I just create a new instance of a custom class and let the Constructor of that class set everything up. So I just have

new IOChecker()

And that’s it. In that class I’ve got a function called setProvider(InstallationAPIProvider provider) which I call from the Installation Contribution’s Constructor so that the IO Monitor can grab an API provider to get access to the IOModel.


Then in the Installation Constructor I pass its apiProvider into the IOChecker class:

Now the IOChecker class has access to an API, so you can do the getIOModel() method and go from there with making your thread

Thanks a lot for your guidance. it works well for installation node… i will try from activator