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How to concat few string into a sting and split a string with certain pattern

What the operand or function to concat few string into a new string?
How to split a string with particular pattern ?

URScript is very limited in terms of string operations.
Concatenation and indexations (which would be what was necessary) is not possible.
Only comparison operations are allowed in URScript.

However if this is required, check out the XML-RPC Math example under Samples.

How does ur support handshake message send between server and client?
My initial plan to send [header][seperator][deviceId][seperator][state][seperator][processId]…[footer] as a string from/to server and client.so that can check handshake on both side.

based on the sample code at
with the assumption of every sent message must received property,in the case of message lost due to netwoek issue,then the project would fail.

any suggestion on these.


Hi Willie,

I don’t really understand your post.

Why have you chosen that format for the handshake? What is the other device? What data are you trying to transmit?

Simplified my previous post,how does ur server and client support handshake between message send/receive?

the sample code (please refer to the url on top) assume every single message sent is received successfully within waiting time. In the actual production project, incident case might happen from time to time,could be every thousand times of message send,it could be recipient party didn’t receive message at all.then the UR program would stuck and cause the whole project not stable.

Easiest way would be to send a “success” string (or send the data you’ve just received) back to the server to acknowledge receipt each time.

Hi @willie.lou,
i am also trying do a similar projct and the server accepts a particular format with special characters.
if you have a successfully completed the server communication, please share the detailed procedure.