How to alignment the TCP position horizontal?

I am working with a UR10 (CB3).
Unfortunately, the CB series is not equipped with an Align function and Align button.
The picture below is e-series Polyscope.

I want TCP to always be horizontal in the downward direction of the Z-axis.
As shown in the picture below, I want to do TCP horizontal alignment.

After setting the plane through the base coordinate system, should I align it?
or, Is there a way to implement it through a script?

Any Idea how to do that?
Thank you in advance.


You can click on the value :

You can choose the Base Feature on the new tab and change the value on rx,ry,rz

For example, change rx to 180° et ry to 0° and it will do the same as the e-series. On the same idea, you can do the same in script

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Thank you for your comment!