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Handling xmlrpc fault

Is it possible to handle a xmlrpc call that returned a fault. For the moment, when a fault occurs, the program stops. I would like my programs to be able to react to those errors.

XML-RPC calls are considered just an extension of the available script commands.
As a script code is malfunctioning, e.g. like a syntax error for other script codes, this will cause the program to halt.

What would in your opinion be an alternative to the broken call message?
A popup, or some blank return that could be used in logic?

I think there could be a kind of try catch mechanism that would let the programmer decide what to do in case of a fault returned by a xmlrpc call. If the xmlrpc call has no exception handler, we can display the broken call message, otherwise, we can catch the fault in the program and react based on the fault code.


I second that, also, it would be helpful if we could modify the error messages that pop up when there is an issue as they are not very useful for end users who just see an error but have no clue what it means.