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GP inputs and outputs

I would like to know for what are the GPi and GPo for. Are they directly liked to a modbus register to communicate whist modbus or are they for somthing else?

The GP (general purpose) inputs annd outputs are just 24v IO that can be found inside the robots control cabinet. The general purpose IO are the grey blocks, the yellow IO being the configurable IO.

You can use them in profinet (I used with success), also TCP socket, also MODBUS - you can see them in any configuration :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answers. But I’m not talking from the physical inputs/outputs. If you go in the configuration of the inputs/outputs after the physical inputs/outputs you find them.
I saw in the documentation that you can use them with profinet but I’m on modbus. Do you know if there is a manner to use them with modbus?

Ok, do you know witch register adress I have to use in Modbus?

You have all information on UR website : Modbus server bit access - 54280