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How can I save my digital input or output from modbus

hi there.For more Input and Output,I have used modbus to create them.But everytime after i restart my Robot,the digital Input and Output always disappear.What should i do?

Hi Yuan,

how are you integrating Modbus into your program?
Do you use an external IO-Module for extending the IOs or are you using the additional registers available with Modbus to store information?


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Hi sko,
thank you very much for your worry.just a few Minute earlier i have try that,the IO module can be saved after being used in a program.So i created a new program to saved this module, do you have any other ways?

Hi Yuan,
if you are using the Modbus as Master for communicating with your additional IO module, you can configure your Modbus signal in Modbus Client IO Setup and safe the configuration in your installation . But you can also use the available Script-Commands for Modbus, to configure your Setup in your program.

Hi sko,
i did have used Script-Commands to save my Modbus,beacause when i use Modbus Setting in Installation the Robot doesn’t save any IO module everytime i restart it.So did i did something wrong ?anyway thx for your help.

Hi Yuan,
this seems unusual. Are you actively saving the installation after making your settings and then loading the correct installation as well?

hi sko,
maybe the Problem is that i didnt saved the Installation,i have just set the Settings and restart to test if i correct did it