Get_digital_out(n) or get_standard_digital_out(n)


I saw in the manual that the get_digital_out(n) is deprecated, is it still an option to use the get_standard_digital_out(n)? I want to use this function to power a light tower, where only one light is on at all times.

They deprecated that command, but there’s another that does the same thing, functionally. I don’t have the manual on me, but I think it was something like “read_digital_output()”

Would it be “read_output_boolean_register(address)”? This is the only other function I can find that is similar to the other.

Actually, I believe the get_standard_digital_out() works, but wasn’t working when I ran the expression continuously

Yeah get_standard_digital_out() is the replacement for get_digital_out().