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Access Standard and Configurable Outputs via RTDE

Hello everyone,

I cannot access my digital outputs via RTDE., so, I have any doubts:

1 - There are two “functions” to access outputs? (standard_digital_output_mask and standard_digital_output) .

2- Do they work the same way?

3- Can I choisse only one to use?

4- The variable’s type is UINT8. I must send a variable UINT8, for example, value = 127 (mask = 01111111). Is it correct?

5- I’m using the simulator, could this be the problem?

I can send my package via RTDE, I can set input registers but never set the outputs.

Thank you

Hello, I founded the solutions for my issues:

Standard_digital_output: Value to set the Ports (0 - False and 255 - True)
Standard_digital_output_mask: Mask with Ports that you want to enable or Disable

Example: I want enable Ports 2 and 3
Standard_digital_output = 255
Standard_digital_output_mask = 10

10 is 00001100 on base 2

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