Get currently loaded installation


I wanted to know if there is a way to get the currently loaded installation file. Any method is fine (Dashboard client, RTDE, URCAP SDK, etc).

If I found your answer correct you need to save from here: Save Installation

Thanks for your reply.

Sorry if my question wasn’t clear, I was specifically looking for a method to get the currently loaded installation for a URCAP, via some sort of API or interface.

Hi Aanabbas1…

As far as I know there is no official way of accessing that info.
But by getting the program name through the dashboard client and opening its urp file as text, you can read the programs assosiated installation file.
Bevare that this only works on saved programs and installation files, so if the program hasnt been saved yet or the installation file have been changes since the last save, this wont work…
so combining it with the dashboard clients “isProgramSaved” call, is almost a must, but it wont help you notice unsaved changes to the installation file.

Best Regards Casper

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Yes thought so, interesting that you can get the loaded program but not installation, I wonder why…

Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll be giving that a try.